Dienstag, 12. November 2013

Welcome on my blog

A warm welcome to everybody on my blog. A few days ago i decided to make such a blog and keep you guys up to date, not just writing about races and results makes this blog to something special, i will post different things about the training, trainings camp, where i am at the moment or what i am doing next. I will share my life as a professional mountainbike racer with you. 

So this should be also the first post about, what this blog should mean, first i want to excuse about my english, i know its not the best and there will be also some mistakes in, but i will give my best for sure, so please don't take it to serious ;-) 

If you want to know why i am writing in english, is easy to explain, there are too many guys out who don't understand german. ;-) 

Underneath you can find the best shots of this season, have fun and enjoy. 


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